Empower your insurance app and website with Road Risk Reports

Engage and protect your customers by integrating Road Risk Reports into your insurance app and website. Provide customers with vital insights into traffic accidents tailored to their location.


Is your insurance company social responsible?

Enable your customers to identify high-risk areas for traffic accidents around
their specified home address. Encourage socially responsible behavior by empowering them with the knowledge to navigate safer routes.

Step 1

Seamless integration with K2G Road Risk Report database

Connect effortlessly with the extensive K2G Road Risk Report Database to access comprehensive insights on traffic accidents. Elevate your insurance services with accurate and up-to-date data.

Step 2

Customize your data visualization

Tailor your analysis with a variety of data sets for visualization. Choose from options like weekly and hourly accident plots, casualty demographics, accident trends, environmental conditions, and user group categories.

Step 3

Effortless design selection

Streamline your reporting process by selecting from our pre-designed layouts. Effortlessly present your data in visually appealing formats, saving time and ensuring clarity in communication.


Unlock the benefits

of Road Risk Reports

Enhanced in-app and website engagement

Provide users with location-specific insights, boosting engagement and satisfaction. Increase app and website usage as customers find value in personalized information.

Demonstrate genuine customer care

Stand out from competitors by showcasing your commitment to customer safety. Road Risk Reports exemplify real care for customers, attracting and retaining a loyal customer base."

Proactive accident prevention

Empower customers to avoid high-risk areas and minimize accident probabilities. By prioritizing prevention, both customers and the insurance company benefit from reduced risks and costs.

Community impact through social responsibility

Contribute to community well-being by raising awareness of road safety. As an insurance company, your commitment to social responsibility shines through Road Risk Reports, fostering a safer environment for all.

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