Outperform competitor pricing strategies with AI Portfolio analysis

Experience a significant reduction of up to 6% in loss ratio and a remarkable 9% decrease in claim frequency by harnessing the power of K2G AI modeling


K2G collaborates with pricing teams
to achieve a risk-adjusted pricing for each policy using AI

To support the insurer's strategy, K2G enriches and cleanses anonymized policy data provided by the insurer, in order to build effective ISO 27001 complaint AI models. Here is how it works:

Step 1

Define your strategy

Increase profitability or market share — can you achieve both?

Step 2

Transform data

into insights

Our platform enriches and cleanses anonymized policy and claims data, fully compliant with ISO 27001 standards. We leverage this data to build powerful AI models that uncover actionable insights for your pricing decisions and next strategic steps.

Step 3


Once developed, our AI models undergo rigorous testing and validation processes. Your pricing team verifies the model's performance using historical data, ensuring its accuracy and effectiveness before implementation.


Unlocking advantages

Actuaries, Underwriters Sales and Marketing

Enhanced predictive capabilities

Our AI models uncover hidden patterns within vast datasets, empowering teams to make highly precise predictions.

Optimized risk pricing

Fine-tune risk pricing strategies with unparalleled accuracy and profitability.

Tailored pricing solutions

Customized and adaptable pricing that reflects the customer's risk profile and preferences, aligned with the insurer's business and financial goals.

Improved customer satisfaction

Reduce instances of anti-selection, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

Dynamic pricing customization

Precisely tailor prices to match the unique needs and characteristics of each customer, improving engagement and conversion.

Agile response to market dynamics

Stay agile in response to market dynamics, including shifts in demand and competitive trends.

Flexible and efficient marketing

Implement versatile marketing strategies that efficiently reach your target audience and maximize impact.

Identifying advertising opportunities

Discover untapped opportunities for advertising campaigns, expanding your reach and driving growth.

Analyzing advertising effectiveness

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your advertising efforts, optimizing ROI and maximizing returns on marketing investments.


The figures from K2G convinced us in the proof of concept and we therefore decided to use AI technology in our pricing to be able to make the best offer to the best customers


Dr. Michael Amman

Chief Underwriting Officer

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Discover our approach for building advanced, high-performance models.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

We use country-specific data sets in our modelling and have a dedicated team that gathers data from all over the world. The data for your region is available before we enter into a contract and start a project with our clients.
We have global knowledge and experts in the data science field, together with your company's experts we will be able to discover and explore the possibilities of how you can benefit from our data and AI solution.
All insurance companies worldwide strive to optimize their predictive models and access more datasets – a logical endeavor. At K2G, we invite you to explore new methods and datasets. It has taken us six years to enrich our datasets and AI capabilities to reach this level. We believe now is the opportune moment to collaborate with us and explore this unique approach.
On average, we demonstrate a 1500% return on investment (ROI) for the funds invested by the insurance company in our services. We would be delighted to provide examples from our case studies.
We are still growing and have now expanded to 19 countries around the world, including Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, Greece, the UK, the Netherlands, etc.
1. Imagine the impact of not working with us when everyone else is. Be the first to gain the maximum advantage in a new country. 2. In countries where we're already established, as Generalized Linear Models (GLM) and other calculation models became standard in the international insurance market, in the same manner incorporating AI and alternative data will also become a standard. Most importantly, it's not just about outperforming your competitors, it's about accurately pricing your clients.

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