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Welcome to the kasko2go blog!

Welcome to the kasko2go blog!
Written by Arina Man
Published on 04 Sep 2023

We’re here to talk about how we’re changing the world of motor insurance by helping insurers predict risks better. Our goal is to help insurers make better decisions when they’re pricing policies and choosing policyholders. We do this by looking at lots of different types of data that other people don’t usually consider. By using this data, we can help insurers understand risks better and make better decisions.
Our team takes care of everything, from collecting the data to analyzing it. We use really smart computer programs to help us figure out what the data means. By doing this, we can help insurers improve their business in lots of ways. For example, we can help them make sure that they’re pricing policies correctly, which can save them money in the long run.
We’re always looking for ways to help insurers do their jobs better. We offer lots of different services that are tailored to each insurer’s needs. For example, we can help them understand the risks in different parts of the world, or we can help them figure out which types of people are more likely to make claims.
At kasko2go, we’re also really careful to follow all the rules when it comes to collecting data. We never use data that we’re not supposed to, and we make sure that everything we do is legal and ethical.
We’re excited to be part of this industry and to help insurers do their jobs better. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we continue to change the world of motor insurance!

Arina Man

Arina Man

Arina, ex-KPMG & Credit Suisse, has been running her businesses since 2008. Passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, her finance, law, and management expertise make her an invaluable team asset.


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